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Shareen's complaint against Baby Models UK

Shareen Akhlaq


[RESPONDED] Scam artists

Complaint against Baby Models UK

We paid the £75 package for a year, done the test shoot, brought the photos as they were amazing. They did not upload the images as they said they would and they wrote a generic review on my daughters profile. Basically she was good and that’s it (after being at the studio they said they write an in-depth review). Tried to contact baby models on 4 occasions and sent emails yet was told they would call me back and didn’t. When I told them i wanted to make a complaint they told me I had to do this with the person who wasn’t even responding to my calls of emails! Been up on the website for couple of months now and have had 0 contact from them and no jobs. Please do not waste your time and money with these people. I was alike you reading comments on here trying to figure out whether to take the risk; but please DONT! Take the risk with another company. I read good and bad comments but mainly bad I will not lie; but I thought I’d give them a chance and i alike so many others have been dissatisfied - please do not make the same mistake as us.

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Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

Hi Shareen. Your images and review we uploaded by the studio on the 3rd of September. Aamira has been registered with us for just 6 weeks and there have been a number of clients expressing interest in her since the images were uploaded. We are not sure why you have decided to post a negative review as there has been very little time for us to provide significant results.

Jeanelle TM | | VERIFIED

I think you guys should review the way you repond to complaints. The parent didn't mention the name of their child. I am sure under new GDPR that would be classified as a breach?

Uzma Mir | | VERIFIED

You should really be addressing your communication and why no one contacted the customer after they emailed and called multiple times.

Shareen Akhlaq | | VERIFIED

Since writing this review I have received an email with the copy/pasted response above however they included this last bit in the email with they have purposely left out on here ‘If you wish for us to work with Aamira, please remove your comment from aspokesmansaid‘. I didn’t take kindly to this as I felt was a threat, so emailed back and still no reply a month later and now their website is gon
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