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Rhiann's complaint against Baby Models UK




Complaint against Baby Models UK

I applied for baby models uk after wanting to get my son into modelling. They emailed me back, sent me letters, called silly hours and requested that he'd been expected and people were interested and that I needed to pay £20 per month, every month. Ofcourse, I jumped at the chance and set up the direct debit straight Away! Almost a year had passed and I hadn't even had an email or anything so I called them and they kept putting the phone down. It was then I cancelled the direct debits. I did not know I was being scammed as it was all new to me. They had £130 off of me and I got nothing in return. These people need to be stopped and I know others that have also fell for the trap. They tell you what you want to hear and convince you you need to spy all this money for success. I'm embarrased that I was so gullible.

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Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

Yes, that is correct Rhiann, you have got it 100% incorrect..! Clearly you dont even know who you signed your child up with as you have paid BizzyKids not us..

Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

Hi Aimee. I think you are referring to Bizzykids agency as they charge £149 for 3 year or £20 a month. That is not our agency.!! We dont send letters and dont have direct debits. You are clearly referring to a different agency.

Rhiann | | VERIFIED

Denied all knowledge! Make out I got it wrong.
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