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[User Deleted]'s complaint against Fischer Future Heat

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[RESOLVED] - Wont refund deposit of £780

Complaint against Fischer Future Heat

A month ago, I was visited by a salesperson re installation of storage heaters. The quote came to £7780. I paid £780 deposit and he pushed for me to take their zero % finance offer. I saw no reason as to why this would not go through. They have a cool off period of 14 days. 2 days before cool off period up, they informed me the finance had not gone through. I said I wanted my deposit back and had a real struggle. Had to fill in a form taking me over the 2 days and out of 14 day period. Then I was transferred to another dept and spoke to a person who could put me on an 'in house' deal. After receiving paperwork I was not happy and wanted my deposit back. I telephoned this evening and had horrendous time. First person said I'd lost the £780 initially then they corrected themselves. I was then transferred to a very arrogant person who tried to intimidate me - insisting I give a reason. When I said I just wanted my money back as they had had it for 3 weeks now, they said 'you have an arrogant manner' and I was shouted at, spoken to very rudely and, in my 50 years have never ever as a customer being spoken to like this. Still not sure re deposit. Very, very concerned. They seem to be deliberately delaying so they get to keep the deposit.

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