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Lois's complaint against Protein World

Lois steele


No product recieved & avoiding communication - hundreds maybe thousands affected

Complaint against Protein World

I purchased on April 1st 2016 with a 50% off code along with hundreds if not thousands of others. It is now 25th April and have still not recieved any products. Many of us have emailed and have only recieved a generic reply a good week later which stated that 'hopefully your item will arrive soon'. They avoided any real investigation on our own personal deliveries. We have had to resort to posting comments on their social media pages for answers, stseeing as this is where they seem to spend all of their time - posting around 3 pictures and posts a day. They even deleted a picture which we all commented on regarding our situation and reuploaded the same picture a few hours after. And strangely enough there were comments praising their service from what I can only imagine to be paid. Clearly something to hide? They are avoiding communication with paying customers who at least deserve the right to know where there money has gone. Also, the few people who have recieved their products are upset that they arrived incorrect, products missing, and products had even been opened and clearly half emptied.

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