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anonymous's complaint against Staffline



[LAPSED] Behaviour Of staffline Gunstones/pennine Foods

Complaint against Staffline

First of all id like to say that i have worked at one of the places mentioned above and whilst i was there i was watching what was going on - people were getting called and booked for there shifts having to get up at 4am in winter to get there wait in line and then get told in a nasty way go home no shift for you on a daily basis the attitude of your staff is beyond belief i have owned my own business and i would not treat a dog like the way people were getting them places. at one point people were paying for there shifts and that was even written on the wage slips we were given asking to ring a number if it occured. Then you ask people to book there shifts say for 2pm not a minute late not a minute before and when a person is on there shift depending on the mood of the staff were they allowed to go and send a text to book a shift and if they didnt like you they would refuse. Thirdly muslims have eid you blackmail them saying to them if they dont work on eid you refuse to give them shifts for the next week in some cases even get rid of them. you should really andy go there as a worker undercover and see what is going on its shameful and disgusting.

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Lapsed. anonymous has not responded in 90 days

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Steve Samson | | VERIFIED

Hello, I'm sorry for the delay in responding to your complaint, I only received an e-mail from A Spokesman Said last week and the link to your complaint didn't work. I appreciate that you may wish to maintain your anonymity but would it be possible for you to contact me on my direct e-mail address please? It is [email protected] . I am obviously very concerned at the allegations you

Steve Samson | | VERIFIED

have made and would like to be able to investigate them fully, I can absolutely guarantee that there will be no repercussions on you, should you ever wish to work for Staffline again in the future, but I do want to have as much detail as possible in order to ensure that we stop any current or future mal-practice by any of our staff. Thank you, Andy Hogarth

Steve Samson | | VERIFIED

Hello again, I have now had the feedback from our compliance manager who has investigated what you have said, it would be really useful if you could contact me so I can discuss this with you and also to agree the next steps, thank you Andy
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