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Luke's complaint against Staffline

Luke Newman


Unpaid SSP and lies.

Complaint against Staffline

Summary of my complaint; When I first attended the M&S site at Castle Donnington to attend the introduction, I and other people in the group had to watch a presentation about staffline and one of the things that was shown was "WE pay SSP" I have told one of the recruitment managers about my operation on the 2nd August and queried if i would get sick pay. I told him I would be out of work for approximately 3-4 months. His reply was "Yes just as long as you earn £116 on average per week beforehand, you will get it. And you email the staff rota email at least 1 week in advance". As my operation was on the 8th August I have emailed the staff rota team on the 8th July (1 month in advance notice) to let them know about the operation and they have confirmed as long as I send in sick notes from the GP/hospital I will be paid SSP. Several emails to the rota team and they have made sure I wasn't working for the weeks I was in hospital. They have said in each email to hand in sick notes. Come to the 12th August the hospital has wrote out a sick note for me (backdated to the 8th), and so that I can be paid SSP straight away and not have any gaps in my weekly pay. My dad had dropped off the note to one of the security guards at the reception on the 13th August. The guard in question said he would pass it to the staffline team, who would then pass it onto the payroll team. Roll to the 26th August, My dad had sent in another sick note, and I have received no SSP payment so far and I had sent an email to the rota team who told me to email a certain person who said they will investigate. 12th September my dad had handed in 3 sick notes so far and he queried it with one of the recruitment staff who said he would contact payroll and get them to contact me asap. At the same time I had emailed the same people hat I emailed on the 26th August, with the same reply "payroll will look into it". 10 days later (22th September) someone from the onsite payroll team had emailed me back saying I don't qualify for SSP, but refused to give a reason as to why I didn't qualify, but to keep sending in sick notes (why?). 15th October I get the letter the person apparently sent out on the 22th September, which had the 12th October as the date stamped by royal mail and on the actual letter), which was actually addressed by someone else. Now according to the letter my contract was terminated due to "less demand in work" on the first day my SSP would have started. Since the 15th October I have sent emails on a monthly basis asking for a proper explanation to which I have not yet been given one, a I dispute the "less demand in work" excuse to not pay SSP on the basis that Staffline was advertising the same role on their website,facebook page and indeed, on the day that I was terminated. Last thing to point out is that I did inform the rota team hat I was interested in coming back after I recovered from my operation however because of the refusal of SSP payment I felt it was in my interest to find work elsewhere, which is a shame as I actually enjoyed working at the warehouse. On February 29th 2019 I have sent one final email to [email protected] who gave me the peopleteam email address. Emailed them and got the standard auto reply "we will respond in 2 days". As of today (23/03/19) I have had no reply. So my following complaint is the following; 1) Despite doing everything that the recruitment team has said to get SSP, I haven't been paid SSP for the period of 8th August to 2nd December (which would have been the day I would have returned to work as I was well enough to work at the time). Which is roughly 16 weeks of SSP I should be owed after taking into account the processing days. I would like to know why everyone had lied to me saying I would get SSP when in fact I wouldn't. 2) On top of that the payroll team has broken one of the SSP laws (if you do not qualify for SSP your employer must send you the form SSP1 within 7 days of you going off sick) Instead it took 75 days for me to receive that form. Why did it take this long? 3) Aswell the onsite team had kept accepting the sick notes from my dad, who had driven to the site every 2 weeks from the 13th August to the 15th October, and they didn't inform him that they won't be paying SSP to me. Why did no one inform my dad so it would have saved him money and petrol to get to the warehouse each time. 4) The emails I sent after November have been ignored and I would like to know why I have been ignored on every occasion. 5) Considering I have sent a complaint to the people team who haven't replied. I am owed sickpay from 8th August to 18th November (when I started a new job elsewhere, and had Staffline paid me, I would have gone back to them). Tell me who else I need to contact as I have emailed payroll, enquiries (who have been ignoring me each time now), and Peopleteam. It seems no one wants to respond to my complaint and have it resolved.

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Luke Newman | | VERIFIED

Since posting this, someone from the PeopleTeam emailed me to give a time+date to discuss my issues, as they "attempted" to call me which is bs since I had full signal allday. Yet again no one bothered to call me when I requested a time/date.
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