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Joanne's complaint against Stone Gate Pubs



Vegetarian dinner - not so Vegetarian!

Complaint against Stone Gate Pubs

I am a a very regular customer of the Duke and Summerset in Aldgate as I work across the road. Yesterday 10.5.16 I came in for lunch as I regularly do and ordered my usual of quorn Sausages and salad... When the meal arrived, I took a bite of the sausage to discover it wasn't quorn . I have been meat intolerant for the past 15years which lead to my beliefs completely changing and becoming a vegetarian as a life choice, being served this meal as a mistake is completely unexpectable and could have been extremely dangerous.... The bar maid who took the initial order was very unhelpful, The chef was rude and in no way shape or form sorry for the error he made, his communication in English was very poor, he didn't read the order correctly which lead to this complaint being made. I would be very concerned on the health and safety aspect with this. I was lucky I realized before I consumed the food. After complaining direct to the deputy manager of the Duke, who took over 4 days to reply, he offered me a free meal, which I feel was very dismissive of all the concerns I raised. When I replied with how unhappy I was, his response was - sorry we have lost your custom. I hope that the higherarchy of this chain of pubs value customer satisfaction a lot more than they do at the Duke of Summerset.

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