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Roger's complaint against MSC Cruises

Roger Hawes


Miss- sold cruise holiday

Complaint against MSC Cruises

On the MSC Orchestra after 2 days cruising the liner took on a party of up to 300 French youngsters attending a KARIBZUIK ELECTROPICAL event advertised as a musical event. Our access to certain parts of the cruise liner was restricted whilst these youngsters were being entertained throughout the evening and in to the early hours of the morning with professional "Rappers" providing the music which was very loud. This went on for one week and we had to endure rudeness, loutish behavior and much noise. There was nothing in our contract with MSC Cruises Ltd indicating that we were going to experience a cruise within a cruise and there would be restricted access. I have complained strongly to MSC Cruises asking for full compensation for one week my wife and I had to endure with these individuals and their behaviour. MSC admit that Head Office was unaware of what was happening but whilst apologizing will not consider any monetary compensation.

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