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Simon's complaint against Train2Game

Simon Quinn


Miss Sold Course

Complaint against Train2Game

I was sold originally by the T2G sales rep the QA and design course, this proved not for me so had it downgraded to QA tester. Initially all was well but notice that none of my documents or training manuals even mentioned Citi and guild I signed up for the Tigre Qualification, this was replaced by a citi and guild, I believe this to be in breach of contract as they were just transferring this over, I did speak with them and expressed I was never happy. I also ran in to financial difficulty paying for this course and they have locked me out the training port for nearly a year and blamed me for everything. I have received no official citi and guild course document from them and all my course books still have tigre plastered over them In the light of this I want a refund base on breach of contract and being miss sold this course in the first place. You really don't need this to get in to QA testing if you have experience through other mediums they said it simply helps as you have a port folio. This course means nothing I have been on the phone to citi and guilds and they have even stated that this course is only run through T2G and its accredited through them and not a direct citi and guild course? I want a full fund of the £2800 I have paid for this course so far

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