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Complaint against Train2Game

Taking the developer course was exciting and I managed to get passed the first year quite quickly. 2nd year also went well and then came the portfolio project. This was unbelievably difficult and I struggled with this. Examples were written in older versions of direct x. At no time was any help offered, you ring them and tried to explain where you were stuck and they were not interested in helping you. Asking you to send them code etc, just made me feel useless. Why could the project not be relevant to what you studied. It was the biggest waste of money I have ever come across. You are better off teaching yourself than spending £1000s on a course that is geared towards you being an advanced programmer. The first year was good and you felt like you could do this. 2nd year is impossible unless you are an expert. They told me I did not need to pass the portfolio project to carry on. This just proved they wanted your money. It was the most demoralising and demotivating time off my life. If you are a strong programmer you'll be fine, if your inexperienced then stay well away. I will fight to get my money back.

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