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Sandy's complaint against Ash Auto Used Car Sales

Sandy Taylor


Bad car repairs - death trap

Complaint against Ash Auto Used Car Sales

garage fitted a clutch to my Citroen.... car came back and didn't feel right... a week later I had major noise from front end... garage took it back in and daid a bolt had gone through the wheel and I would need new discs and brake pads which I had done from another garage 8 months earlier. car came back... still had problems with clutch bite point and car driving really sluggish. Last week the clutch was slipping badly so took it to another garage who said I needed a new clutch and flywheel (having just had a new clutch fitted 5 months earlier). The new garage took videos and photos of the car before repairing it and discovered that the flywheel was badly burnt out and the so-called new clutch was poor quality and fitted poorly. They also discovered that 4 bolts/nuts were missing from the gearbox which resulted in a knocking noise from the gear box being loose and could have resulted in it falling out and causing a major accident/death if on the motoway. I wish to make a formal complaint about the Ash Autos and as the clutch is under warranty wish to recover all money spent by me, including hire cars.

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