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Unsafe caravan balcony. A new balcony purchased April 2015 is now unsafe as the planks are splitting

Complaint against North Wales Plastics

This balcony now has so many splits in the planks it's no longer safe or fit for purpose also the middle step end has snapped off. I sent them an Email a month ago,&photos of planks & slit stairs we have also been to the business to complain, a few weeks ago they were on my caravan site fitting a balcony &li went to see the fitters & asked would one of the guys call to look at mine which he did &he said that he was going to let the office know how my balcony had deteriorated in such a short period of time. We seen the same guy the next week on our site again &he told us that North Wales plastics would replace our balcony But didn't know when & said also that I won't have any choice in the colour of the replacement floor. We haven't had any reply to the Email I sent regarding our complaints or confirmations of the photos Were do we go on from here?? As our balcony is deteriorating more as time goes on....

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