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Sue's complaint against Gigantic

Sue Payne


Promoter Cancels, Tickets Refunded, BUT NOT BOOKING FEE OR INSURANCE COST

Complaint against Gigantic

On 16 September 2015 I booked 2 tickets to see The Sessions at FD Arena on 12th May 2016. The Face Value of the Tickets was £47.50 each, but I also paid £5.30 per ticket booking fee, plus £2.20 delivery and £3.98 ticket protection. Total cost was £111.78. In May 2016 I learnt from Gigantic Tickets that the promoter had RESCHEDULED the event to 27th May 2017 - a full year later than planned. No printed tickets had been issued or received, so apart from being a minor inconvenience, this was not an issue to me personally, and so I waited. On 6th July 2016 I received an email from Gigantic Tickets advising that the show had been CANCELLED by the promoter, and that I would receive a refund. A separate email was received the same day, advising that a refund of £97.20 had been made (2 tickets at £47.50, plus £2.20 p&p). I rang Gigantic Tickets to advise why I had not been reimbursed the £10.60 for booking fees, or £3.98 ticket protection - seeing as the event had been CANCELLED by the promoter and was through no fault of my own. I was advised that this formed part of their terms and conditions, to cover their costs of issuing tickets (I reiterate, none had been issued or received). I was further advised that the insurance wasn't refundable as this was to protect against failure on MY PART to attend an event (an event which is now impossible to attend!). If promoters and resellers such as this can make £15 by advertising events which they intend never to stage, what's to stop more doing this fraudulently (aka doing a "Max Bialystock" from The Producers)? I do not see we I should be financially penalised to the tune of 13% of the initial ticket cost, for something which is out of my control.

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