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Carolyn's complaint against Vprcigs

Carolyn McColm


Unauthorized payments for e-cigarette offer

Complaint against Vprcigs

I responded to an offer of an e-cigarette kit & authorised the payment from my credit card for £4.95 on the 01/06/16. I didn't think it was actually worth what they claimed (£140) but thought it was a good deal. This should have alerted me & I feel rather stupid but in all the time I've been using the internet to buy goods I've never had a problem before. We all think it'll never happen to us if we've always been careful & taken precautions. When I got my next statement they'd taken two unauthorised payments - one on the 15/06/16 for £69.99, the next on the 03/07/16 for £49.99. I contacted my credit card company to block it as soon as I realised what had happened. I've worked hard all my adult life to make an honest living & this disgusts me. It's like the 21st Century equivalent of the highway robber. Actually, at least highwaymen had the balls to face their victims. These people are faceless thieves who hide behind a computer screen & have probably never done an honest days work in their lives. I'm absolutely appalled

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