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Suzanne's complaint against Xefro

Suzanne Mather


£9000 paid and system only partly installed. Costing a fortune because unable to control it.

Complaint against Xefro

We were sold the graphine infrared heating system by Complete Energy and paid £2980 on 8/03/16. It was installed between 6/04/16 and12/04/16 by a very hardworking team of 3 men but the water heater took 4 days to heat up and now seems to have no thermostat so we have to turn it off to prevent a possible explosion! We paid a further £ 5976 on receipt of the radiators which can now operate at 19 degrees Celsius. However at this point all communication stopped. We had been told that we would receive the app and iPad from Apple which we make each radiator completely controllable within 10 days but these apparently are not yet available . As we cannot get anyone other than a long suffering receptionist to talk to us we are coming to the conclusion that the company is either in financial trouble or the whole thing is a scam. We have worked out that the system is costing us £10 a day at present which is far more than our gas ch and is unsustainable. The various sad stories from Xefro club confirm we have been 'done'. We are so disappointed. We had hoped to help the climate as well as ourselves through this system. Suzanne Mather.

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