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andy's complaint against Gala

andy brown


How not to treat your top customers

Complaint against Gala

How to take your very top customers and turn them into enemies. An account of customer abuse at it's worst. My partner Linda and I were the top customers at Gala Doncaster . Along with all other regulars we became taken for granted,but with us it did'nt stop there. Since then Linda has been victimised, we have been discriminated against and lied about.And when we dared to complain about it properly we were set up to take the blame,and suspended The manager (a) and two female staff members (b) and (c)are responsible for this and here is how. There is a lot more background information but I will try to cut a long story short . One of the female staff mentioned (c)is the root cause of the entire fiasco. A few years ago whilst Linda was buying her bingo books the woman(c) licked her fingers then handed Linda her books.Linda said that she would like some without spit on.The woman then thrust a pile of book toward her and said in a rude fashion get your own then.Linda was not happy about this and told the manager what had happened but he just made excuses for the woman. (Very soon afterwards a "friend" of this woman and known trouble maker instigated conflict between some Barnsley members and Linda ,and this resulted in Linda being assaulted and the Barnsley woman being barred.) From then until now the woman (c)staff member has carried out a petty vendetta against Linda.It was mostly things like clever comments,rudeness if possible,a few little mind games,and generally trying to get one over on Linda. Linda has complained to the manager about her many times but nothing was ever done and it continued.At this point I must add that another club member told us that the woman (c)staff member was untouchable due to something going on between her and the manager.We also heard this from a member of staff.These allegations were not made or created by Linda or me .We have never had an answer to why nothing was done to stop her. Now onto the other female staff member woman(b) She often seemed to resent us being at the club and more than once said that we went there too often .I got the impression that she harboured some I'll feeling towards us ,but especially toward Linda and she would always take any opportunity to highlight any mistakes or rule transgressions that Linda made.This went on for some time. The Finger of Death Incident The latest batch of Gala dabbers are faulty and on the last day that we played there we and other people were banging them on the table to get the ink flowing.Woman (c) was up on the podium calling the numbers woman(b) was behind a cashdesk/counter below to the right. As usual we were singled out for criticism for the noise. During a short interval Linda obtained some new dabbers and for showing them to to her woman (b) accused her of having a bad attitude.Linda asked her to take it back and was waved away dissmisivley so she said that she was going to see the management about it then went straight to the duty manager At the end of the session Linda had left the hall and I went to ask woman ( b) to make peace with Linda ,but she refused and tried to wave me away also.I said that her condescending attitude would not work with me and that I was taking it further,although I had already decided to bypass the manager and go to head office first. As I was walking away I overheard the two women conspiring for woman(b) to tell them that I threatened her. They both knew that a complaint was coming so they put in one of their own to counter it. I said nothing threatening and did nothing threatening I have no case to answer. The duty manager tried to sort thing out initially and within ten minutes he had accepted that there had been no threat. The allegation was that me saying that I would take it further was a threat and I was supposed to have pointed my finger at her.This I did not. We were told to come back that evening and on the way home Linda phoned head office about the incident.Not long afterward the duty manager phoned Linda and said don't come in for a few days as the women had insisted that they wanted the manager to deal with it .The manager and Linda had several phone conversations,and he said that he did not want us in the club gossiping and made a different lame excuse for our suspension each time they spoke. We urged them to go to the police but they would not. We asked for CCTV footage but were told that it did not cover that area.This is very convenient for them,and also strange as it is the only place in the main hall where large amount of money are kept. The Set Up Linda tried in vain to complain to the management . We took our complaints right to the top ,and eventually we innocently agreed to a meeting with the Area Manager and the CEO without a solicitor as they said it was inappropriate. The meeting took place and everything was turned around on us . It seemed like we were employees being grilled and not customers with complaints .Our complaints about the behaviour of these two women and the inaction of the manger almost trivialised and excused.I repeatedly refuted allegations of threatening behaviour as i still do. The woman b had made a massive show of feeling threatened,and I still say that she has deceived them all. It was made out by the team which i presume means the three staff involved,that Linda was just a gossip who went around the club looking for people to report.This is rubbish.The majority of the meeting was taken up by questioning over the allegation about the manager and his relationship with woman c. After the meeting both Linda and I thought that they were only interested in getting the manager off the hook,and were looking for a scapegoats. It turned out that we were the scapegoats when a few days later we received email then letter informing us that we had acted inappropriately and our suspension was extended for alleged threatening behaviour. That means that because I am accused of it I must be guilty and also because Linda was with me she did it as well ??. Also nothing has been done about any of our complaints,and I have this threat allegation hanging over me. The rumor mill has also been at work and it has reached our ears more than once that we threatened WomanB,and even that I went behind the counter and hit her. The whole fiasco is totally unacceptable. The names of these people can be supplied if wanted. Yours sincerely Andrew Brown.

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