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Elaine's complaint against Gala

Elaine craig


I have been humiliated

Complaint against Gala

I was playing bingo with my two sisters as we go every sunday. At the break my sister decided to play the puggy machines . I have never played in my life , so i found a machine but unknown to myself it had a reserved sign on it . I did not know as i have never played before in my life . I put £1 in the machine i took one shot and my sister continued to play . There was £8 in the machine but my sister played and the £8 went up to £14 the machine payed out £5 then a member of staff came over and took the £5 i explained what had happened . The staff member took the money and said she had to look at the camera . I then went on to play bingo the manager asked me to come to the office i followed she was un aware the member of staff had the money i was threatened to get put out the bingo and the police to get called . I offered to pay any money . I never took any money now i have been left feeling like a criminal . I am disgusted at the situation i play bingo every sunday and spend a large amount of money each week . I am not pleased with the way i have been treated . I am upset and dont think i can face walking into the bingo hall again with everyone thinking i am a criminal . What a terrible way to treat someone .

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Barry Jones | | VERIFIED

A reserved sign that is at least a5 in size, and you "didn't know"........come on. If they've viewed the cameras and then said the police could be called then clearly you have removed the sign and played off credits that wasn't yours. Humiliated and disgusted??? maybe take a look at yourself first before having at go at them - they;ll have had to compensate the player that lost credit due to you
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