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david's complaint against Security Industry Authority

david davis


Slow Unprofessional Service

Complaint against Security Industry Authority

I've worked in security for about 34 years well and truly before sia came about. The very first time I applied for my first license eith this company I was in full time employment in security and applied for my door supervisor licence. It took them 11 months to send me my license as back then they never allowed you to work until you actually received your license through the post. This eventually cost me a job that paid £1,900 a month. I eventually had to give up my job because of the security industry authoritys slack service which I will say never even offered an up date on applications back then. Anyhow every three years after this I have reapplied for my license at least three to Four months in advance of my license ending to enable no gap happening between licenses taking place due to theyre slow processing service. However this time around I have been stuck in criminality checks in process for months which has now cost me a full time job where again I've had to sign on for benefits as can not work without the license. This is totally unacceptable and the second time this authority has caused me to lose employment. They are quick enough to take the money but very slack in getting the licenses sent out. It was brought to my attention from an insider of the security industry authority that they have been employing people with no security experience and from 3rd world countries to check applications with one days training to then be allowed to check people's applications and left to them to decide if you meet the criteria to have your license. This is ridicolous and totally unacceptable. It was made apparent in the news that the security industry authority actually placed people from there own office to undertake security at Whitehall in London who didn't even have a license at all let alone any documentation to actually be I allowed into the United Kingdom. No wonder none of us are getting any follow up on the progress of our applications. The government should do away with this authority as it's clearly not working if they are employing incompetant people to check our applicstions. Disgusting service. Total rip off.

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