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Paul's complaint against Security Industry Authority

Paul Lind



Complaint against Security Industry Authority

Your web page is useless and your response to your paying clients is one of utter contempt. At least in the past you could speak to someone about problems you were encountering trying to get a SIA badge for staff, you have now taken that away. I have tried to renew my staff SIA badges 3 times now, which are coming up in the middle of April, I thought by starting in the middle of March I would have plenty of time; alas!! I didn't factor the SIA webpage!. We have filled in individual renewal forms and got as far as being promised an email conformation to carry on before submitting the form, We are still waiting! I registered our Business today, Colchester Borough Council ( CBC) as I thought that would be quicker! Yes! again I registered, and once again I am waiting for a email conformation before I carry on. Is this really good enough for a Authority that hold the monopoly when it comes to all SIA badges. I work for local government and I can assure you our response time is a great deal quicker than your own. If your webpage cant cope with the level of users, can I suggest you go back to good old fashion telephone conversation.

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