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Gary's complaint against Yale

Gary Wang


Yale Home security Personnel Utterly appalling to contact & get Much needed support!

Complaint against Yale

Yale.co.uk Customer service. and Yale Home security I have had a Yale home security system in my Residence for at least the last 6 Years and had the same Engineer fit and Refit the same system over this time. Very Sadly contacting Yale let alone this Engineer has been increasingly impossible, Utterly exasperating indeed! I was given emails from this engineer responsible for the maintenance of my alarm several times and each time it changes. This time Not Only am I ignored but its Blocked! I tried calling Yale UK twice yesterday and four times today. Having to speak to a Totally Indifferent, Dismissive and unhelpful so called ‘Technical consumer support’ female who said she was New and was unable to help, and unable to put me through to her Supervisor! Further would put me on a 'ticket'! So Much for any emergency !!! I had to call again and was Cut off! Calling the third time today through the maze of Departments getting a man who could not help but would try and forward my Contact details. What if it was an Emergency ? An Alarm gone off etc!? Yale is the Most Bureaucratic, Nightmare of a company I have ever known, to try and get help and assistance! Heaven forbid one’s alarm going off it would be a very long time before anyone is able to get help from their Yale engineers! I asked for their ‘Complaints procedure’ to make a complaint and No one knew what I was talking about. Which, one might of thought that is Key in any Business together with feedback which Clearly does NOT exist at Yale UK! Still No Support or Help to assist me found at Yale UK for two days running! Believe me Your far Better off with any Home security system than Failing Yale UK!

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