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Diane's complaint against Metro Photography

Diane Turner


My daughter had photos taken for modelling and we paid £1325.00

Complaint against Metro Photography

My daughter who was 14 at the time had her photos taken by Metro Photography 19/9/15. They are great photos and after the photos were taken we went to see the assessor who was kind and said what beautiful photos and how my daughter would make a great model. The assessor said usually they find it hard to find 20 good photos but with my daughter there were 85 all good photos which could be used for modelling Of course we were over joyed and my daughter who is only 14 thought this is what she wanted to do to become a model. The assessor very convincing said my daughter would get lots of work and although it was a lot of money my daughter would earn this back within a couple of weeks. I payed with my credit card there and then as my daughter said she really wanted to become a model. On reflection i did not think and on checking out different comments i have find out how much over the top we payed for this photos.

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