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William's complaint against Metro Photography

William Mitchell


Portfolio Package

Complaint against Metro Photography

Hi, I received a call from Apple Models 2 years ago saying that they would like to invite me to Metro Photography for a test shoot! I paid my £50 deposit, attended the test shoot, I felt a bit rushed, as the lady was trying to rush me through the outfits, properly to get the next model in and to take their money! After the shoot, an advisor spoke to me in his office explaining I have what it takes to become a model and that I would make serious money ? Absolute Rubbish! They kept the hidden charges out, I signed my contract, though the process was rushed by the advisor, asking me do I have the full amount Now! Or can I ask friends and family if I can borrow the money and pay them back! I said I don't have that kind of money! £1,050 They then said, what is there to think about ? I asked at the start, I wanted to pay for the cheapest portfolio package! They even threatened to take me to court if I don't pay the full amount by a certain date! Kind Regards, William

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