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Louise's complaint against Blackberry Models

Louise Varns


Scam agency

Complaint against Blackberry Models

A year ago I was invited to a test shoot with blackberry models. I was directed to a studio on Charlie Henry street in Birmingham. I filled out a standard information form and was then ushered into a makeup chair for a brief fix up. I was then sent into the studio to meet with the photographer who asked to see 3 different outfits including one lingerie set. After a 20 min shoot in 3 different outfits j was asked to change and wait in the waiting area with the other test models. I waited over an hour and eventually was called into an office to meet one of their official agents. He pulled up my images from the test shoot and told me how he had spoken to head office and they loved my look. I was subjected to the hard sell about requiring a portfolio in order to get work and offered to buy the images for £1000 or finance option was available. I mentioned that in my emails from them they had said that I could supply my own portfolio. As I am already an experienced model I have a very good and expensive portfolio from award winning photographers so I declined the images offered as to be honest I thought that they were terrible quality images and wouldn't pay for them After I was "offered a contract" I was sent away and asked to wait for an email from them. The email simply said they were happy to offer me a contract etc and if I agreed to reply to that email. I was asked to supply commercial images within 10 days so my profile could be added to their site. I sent images 6 days later. So after 10 weeks I noted I had heard nothing from them and none of my images had appeared either on their social media or their website. I contacted them numerous times by email and Facebook and was ignored. Only after I posted publicly about them did I get an email from them saying that the images I had supplied were of poor quality and unsuitable for their site and I would be required to purchase the images from my test shoot in order to proceed with my profile going live. I replied that in almost 3 months I had no contact with them and the images I had supplied were of higher quality to what they offered me and with photographers that had been published in vogue. I informed them that I no longer wished to go ahead with my profile. I've since had emails from friends who took their children to the same studio for test shoots and were offered portfolio packages but at various different prices but all with the flexible option of finance. And I've not met anyone that has ever gotten work from them. The work they advertise as job castings are pulled off a site called castings now where companies post job castings for photo and tv work.

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