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Hotel from HELL!

Complaint against The Queensbury Hotel

Hello, I spend a night in this hotel and it was the night from hell!! When we first arrived there was stains all over the walls, floors, mold in the shower, the door lock was not safe in the slightest. We complained straight away as the photos from looked amazing, they advised the manager Michael was on holiday so they would not provide a refund. We then went for dinner as it was my Mum's 50th Birthday when we came back to the hotel there was 2 drunk men laying on the floor outside our room my sister(who is pregnant) had to ask them to move as she was the first up the 4 flights of stairs, after a lot of shuffling they finally got out the way when we got in the room my mum was so frightened as the men were banging on the door the door looked like it was going to come flying off she barricaded it with a bedside table. After around half an hour trying all the different numbers provided for the hotel none of which answered, my mum rang the police. The police arrived and sorted the men out but still my mum was petrified. The next morning we went straight to the front desk demanding a refund but as the manager was still not there, there was nothing they could do but advised they had the whole thing on CCTV and would show him when he came back, we accepted that and went to stay in a premiere inn down the road(which was so much better).. When we got home we called the hotel and asked to speak to the manager but apparently he does not talk to anyone on the phone only by email. We got the email from a very nice women at the front desk when emailing them it took a while for them to respond but when they did they said because we had stayed on a Saturday (which is their busiest night) they could not refund us because they would lose out on business! They refunded us the deposit which was £120 when we paid £330 in full. Absolutely furious I rang to complain the man on the other end was the rudest person I have ever spoke to, when I told him what happened with the men, he told me we was having a laugh with them outside the room, we was lying and we should have come downstairs to the front desk(we was previously advised everyone finished their shifts at 11 and it was half 12) when we then told him we had to go to a premiere inn because we could not stay there another night he told us we should have gone there in the first place. He then continued to be rude telling us the room was in impeccable condition, there was no mold in the shower and the lock was built into the wall so it was safe(I have attached photos, the wall the lock was in was practically crumbling away) in the end I had had enough with the excuses and decided to email as I was getting no where with him. I have so far emailed about 6 times and not received a response OR a refund as Michael has now gone on another holiday and is not contactable. I would like this to be published to show how disgusting this hotel is and how rude the staff is. We stayed there on the 25th June and still are getting no where.

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