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steve's complaint against Betfair

steve plews


Betfair sharp practise! Mismanaged a big bet and used a "rule" not used elsewhere!

Complaint against Betfair

Hello, I placed a 19 team accumulator bet with BETFAIR on 16th July at 3.56pm. one of the games was "Suchitepéquez v marquense" which I included. I found out later in the day that 18 teams had won, but I could not find the game above. I eventually did on another site and discovered that it had been moved to Sunday the 17th! Betfair had removed the game at 5pm and did not relist it. I naturally thought the game void, and my £2 bet had won 14k for 18 winners! Not so, BETFAIR used a "72 hour rule" which meant the game had to be played within the next 72 hours, as it was, the game was drawn, and I got nothing!! I placed my bet, not knowing the game had already been cancelled but BETFAIR had NOT removed it from their betting page which means I could not have backed this particular game had they done their job and removed it earlier! So, I had a £2 bet on 19 teams worth £19124.79, 18 won and BETFAIR took advantage and moved my cancelled game to Sunday in line with their 72 hour rule. If voided, OR NOT LISTED AS IT SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN, my bet was still worth over 14k!!! Can this please be passed for some one to investigate, BETFAIR have been unfair and dismissed morality in an industry that relies on fair play, trust, and correct information. I did not place any bets for Sunday 17th, BETFAIR, just moved it , the game was drawn and I got nothing. Their mismanagement in not removing the game, and me including it in my accumulator has cost me a life changing sum of money! 19 Folds (x1) FC Copenhagen vs Lyngby, Cowdenbeath vs Inverness CT Betfair Bet ID O/5229617/0000447 | Placed: 16-Jul-16 15:36:48

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