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Gerald Heyes


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Complaint against CK Appliances LTD

I had a problem(still have a problem) with an integrated (Liebherr )fridge-I called this company ,having got their number from the internet.Mark Lang, their engineer, came out the following day,looked inside the unit, said it needed a part,he'd order it ,and he would need a cheque for £75 to proceed any further with it. I gave him the cheque, and have never seen him since, despite numerous phone calls,"He's out on a job, I'll get him to ring you back..."etc. For a few days after this, the company disappeared from the listings, they were upgrading their phone lines,then we got a mysterious text saying he'd been ill, and involved in a road accident,but 6 weeks later I am still no wiser, and £75 less well off .Incidentally, I googled "Liebherr Repairs," and got an address in Wakefield, the lady told me they had a representitive in the area, his name was Mark...I went no further with my enquiry.

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This company, CK Appliances Ltd, is operating in the West Midlands and is not in anyway associated to CK Home Appliances Ltd who are based in Bury, Greater Manchester.
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