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Jalal Uddin's complaint against Supanet

Jalal Uddin Ahmed


Supanet have cheated us.

Complaint against Supanet

I am writing to complain about Supanet. We joined this company on March 20th 2016. They provided us with broadband and telephone. However, since then we have been cheated on. They have been charging me more than what we need to pay. They have been taking money from my bank account, my credit cards and my wife's debit card without permission. Recently we had to pay £35, but now they have more than doubled the price. We have tried contacting them through the telephone, but they do not answer us. Since the 1st August we have not been able to access Internet and we are yet to receive any bills. I have tried going to citizen advisor where they said Supanet will be sending a letter to us. However, we have still not received this. We have been cheated on and are not sure how to sort this matter out. It will be much appreciated if you help us sort this out as soon as possible.

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