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Sue's complaint against YO! Sushi

Sue Payne


Ordered from Gluten Free Menu - Coeliac Daughter POISONED

Complaint against YO! Sushi

My 22 year old daughter, Laura, has both Graves disease and Coeliac disease but has been a regular diner at YoSushi Leeds (Harvey Nicols) and at YoSushi Warwick. Laura was diagnosed with Coeliac disease 2 years ago, and has been on a completely gluten free diet ever since. On Sunday lunchtime we visited the Leeds Trinity YoSushi for the first time. We asked for the Gluten Free menu on arrival, and after reading this, my daughter called the waitress over as the menu options were different to that she was used to, e.g. the "Salmon and Avocado Hand-roll" and "Dynamite Roll" were not listed. We were advised by the waitress that the GF menu had recently changed, meaning that my daughter had to select new items from the GF menu. Items she was unfamiliar with. The same waitress returned to take our order. Amongst other things, Laura ordered the Ebi Sushi. I only ordered 2 Tempura items for myself, which arrived quickly. When the other dishes arrived, they were all passed to my daughter who started eating, along with the GF soy sauce the waitress provided. A few mouthfuls in, Laura suddenly went pale. She said she recognised the taste, and could taste bread. She started dismantling the dishes in front of her, and spotted breadcrumbs. We called the nearest waitress over (a supervisor I believe), who confirmed that the dishes in front of Laura were what she had ordered, and were gluten free. Laura pointed at the one particular dish containing breadcrumbs, and asked one of the sushi chefs what it was. He said it was prawns, coated in Japanese bread! We queried why she had been given bread when she was ordering from the gluten free menu. It became apparent that the waitress who had served us had INPUT THE ORDER INCORRECTLY. Laura had been given Ebi Roll, when she had specifically requested Ebi Sushi. As this wasn’t her regular order, and there are no illustrations on the GF menu, she didn’t realise that what was placed on the table was not what she had ordered, and she had unwittingly eaten it. The Supervising waitress apologised and took the plate away, and it was replaced with Ebi Sushi. She explained that new waitressing staff had been employed recently, who possibly didn’t understand. The waitress came over to apologise for her error. The supervisor apologised. When it came to time to pay for the meal, we were asked “WAS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT WITH THE MEAL?.” How do you think we responded? The manager was called over – who started the conversation with “I only started at 1pm, so I don’t know what has gone on.” We explained what had happened and that Laura had been poisoned due to staff error. The manager offered us 50% off the price of the meal. We paid and left. What alternative was there? The damage had been done and the response only served to increase our frustration at the lack of education. Laura has been POISONED and will suffer for the next 3 months until her system clears the gluten in her body. The neurological and physical effects are damning: https://www.verywell.com/what-does-it-feel-like-when-you-get-glutened-562469 Coeliac disease is not a simple allergy, it is an auto-immune disease and being “glutened” has the effect of poisoning the sufferer (who may have been ‘clean’) for months. Laura was poisoned due to a lack of training/knowledge/incompetence on the part of the waitress – for which YoSushi is vicariously liable and is in breach of the Law: https://www.coeliac.org.uk/food-industry-professionals/gluten-free-and-the-law/catering-and-the-law/ If Laura had been allergic to nuts, she could have died on the spot. The damage caused by gluten is slow and painful. Laura had to drive home to Warwick last night, and has started to suffer from physical and neurological effects (particularly “brain fog”) which will now impact her working life for the next few months. Please educate your staff to ensure this does not happen to anybody else. We won’t be returning to YoSushi Leeds. The position with regards to YoSushi Warwick remains unclear.

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