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Nicola's complaint against Living Space

Nicola Jager


Incorrect length of custom made vanity unit supplied not as per quotation or dialogue

Complaint against Living Space

I write with bitter disappointment with the shockingly poor level of customer service I have received from Living Space, registered as Indigo Furnishings Ltd, Fourth Floor 30-31 Furnival Street, London, EC4A 1JQ. I first started purchasing items from Living Space back in 2009 to furnish my home in The Netherlands and used the Fulham branch. I have to say that all communications, pre and post sales were excellent so I chose to work with the company again. In April 2015 I visited the Fulham showroom and met with a designer to discuss my design requirements for the Oliveria Vanity Unit. She later informed me by email that she would be moving to the Baker Street branch on 13th April 2105. I dealt with the designer at Baker Street and I forwarded her dimensions and photos of the space, she was very slow in responding to me and in preparing the quotation. All email correspondence and quote was in reference to a vanity unit with a total length of 160cm. When I came to purchase the item Angela informed me that she had made a mistake on the quote and that it was no longer this price yet I had a valid quote. I chose not to purchase the item at this time as I felt totally misled by Living Space. All this is recorded in email. I then re-engaged with Living Space again regarding the unit back in February 2016 allowing them a second chance for my business. I visited the Baker Street branch twice to speak with a designer. I requested to work with another designer to avoid any further mistakes. I forwarded the designer all the previous correspondence and dimensions and drawings from the former designer and gave quote numbers so that he could quickly view all the details and re-quote. The designer eventually provided me the quotation. When I requested drawings for the 160cm length vanity unit I was sent kitchen plans. I sent numerous emails and made several telephone calls to place the order but it literally took weeks to get to speak with Stephane to actually place the order. I have all records of email correspondence sent and received relating to the purchase of the Oliveria Vanity Unit at a total length of 160cm My husband and I booked out a day in our diaries and a fitter to assist with fitting the unit but when we came to fit the item to the walls we noticed that the drawers to the right side were too small, 40cm instead of 60cm and the table top was also too small, 140cm as apposed to 160cm. The total length supplied was 140cm. It should be total of 160cm. I have no quote for a 140cm length and never requested a 140cm length. I have spent over £2,300 on this unit and I have boxes all over my master bedroom so I am very frustrated with the whole situation. I have waited over 10 weeks for this item, longer if you count the weeks that passed whilst I attempted to make a purchase. Whilst I accept human errors occur I can not be held responsible as it was not my mistake. I am truly disappointed with what has happened and feel that there is no regard for my custom. I was going to place an order for a bed and two bed side tables but I have lost all faith in Living Space now. They have had 12 days to look to resolve this matter and today are stating that that it is not there mistake. I have said that I am happy to return the wrong size pieces I wait for the them to supply the correct size components. I have the email dialogue, quotes and computer design images pertaining to a length of 160cm.

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