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Leanne's complaint against Nottingham City Council

Leanne baker


Car im pounded

Complaint against Nottingham City Council

My car was impounded at 4.45pm on Tuesday 2nd of august from Heathfield road, whilst I was visiting a friend in city hospital. I reported the car missing to Nottinghamshire police to say the car was missing, they checked there dataBase and nothing had been recorded and they reported the car stolen, I contacted the police on 3 separate occasions after that and they still had confirmed that my car wasn't on there dataBase , then on weds 3rd of august at 22.30 pm to advise me that my car had been in fact towed away and was put on the database at 17.30 that evening. Which I find absolutely disgusting. Before I found this information out I had been in touch with the insurance company and finance company, and sent both sets of keys and all my documents to the issurance company , after spending all day on the phone to the relevant people to report the car stolen, I then had to phone everyone back to inform them of it being towed away , I then contacted the compound where my car was and they told me that my car was towed away because my tyre was 2mm of a dropped kerb, and that was a legal offense . Which I never knew. The amount of hassle this has caused me in catching the bus to work and a taxi fare home , which I have kept receipts of. The compound manager called me back and left me a voicemail admitting liability as he had trainees in that day but he was on shift and he should of checked that my car had been put on the police database and that he was severely sorry for it. , he has advised me that I have to pay £140 to get my car released but has quashed the over night stay and the £12 a day fee , which I agreed was ok and thanked him for. But I did advise him that I would be making a complaint and that I will take it further to recover the cost of them taking it , even so much to say the media.

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