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Saman's complaint against www.need24.uk

Saman Kidwai


Aggressive behaviour by locksmith

Complaint against www.need24.uk

I called the company to come and change the locks to my property. The Locksmith called to say that he was caught in traffic. he then went on to ask what type of lock is it. i replied ( as any non expert in locks would) it is a front door lock with keys. He wanted more details but i wasn't able to tell him exactly what he wanted. he became verbally aggressive over the phone and quite threatening and refused to attend the call out. I was quite relieved as i felt frightened and threatened by his actions. His manner was rude and aggressive and totally unprofessional. I asked him to calm down but we ended the conversation with him being totally rude with swearing. I proceed to call the only number the website has given which is an 0800 number. They again were rude, dismissive and unwilling to acknowledge the unprofessional aggressive man they have sent out on this call. They even slammed the phone down after refusing to listen to anything i had to say. I really do not feel they left me with any thing but complaining . This is totally unacceptable from a so called professional company.

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