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Imani's complaint against Enfield Council

Imani B


2 Gas Men stole my email and deleted all the Housing and Solicitors files, they sprayed me face

Complaint against Enfield Council

I Complaints for 5/6 years no heating in the radiation, in the house we have 9 heaters. When we moved in British Gas have us 2 Boilers and mentioned Landlord and Council know, the boiler is sluggy and costing me and arms n a leg to Utilities, am always in debt. I have Ocular Myasthenia Gravis, Fibromyalgia, Scolliosis, Osteoarthritis, Plantar Fascilitis, Achilles Tendonopathy, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Oppression not Depression, General Myasthenia Gravis, Fibroids, IBS, Sleeplessness and Gas Men have my keys, from fitting a new Gas Boiler in June. Items burned, items removed, have been taken, abused, rusted via the leaking kitchen sink and flood underneath the sink. So many items have been taken from the house. Now most items have a padlock. Am disabled and gave up bidding since November... I looked at the bidding and rang the council, they tell me no for everything. This time congratulations you won, won what? You bidded and won, no I didn’t bid as I do not want to be in Enfield and would not leave a damp inside and outside to claim a property I hate the area of and it has stairs. So I have been suspended and have a housing ombudsman for a while. Remember I had solicitors who fled my case, as housing ombudsman tells council everything. We moved in 4 properties in 10 months. 2013 they gave me 3rd top floor property, no lift, I was stuck inside. Cooker and fridge there, estate manager could not find how to connect them, we ate fast food everyday and night and paid the person before bills to have heating costing me £2800 for 8 wk, there goes my backdated DLA money. Am so tired of Enfield Council and the lies. Omg, the claim no work got done as I refused it, total rubbish and sheer nonsense. With them I have the same person around, everytime the Landlord sends one of his family, the same person is with me. Council manager says, why does this person need to be around. Enfield cannot be trusted. Utilities along for 1 radiator of 9, costs £250 average. I am freezing cold using a fan heater and oh yeah we have enough heating for 2 bodies, instead of the old sluggy boiler gave us 1 bath until 6 hrs past. Yeah new boiler has the same slug from old boiler. 2 Swine Gas Men, 1 came around here alllllll the time, and this is how he behaves spraying me to sleep and stealing all I have ever paid for and owned.... I could spend all day expressing how the abused and violated my belongings.... Thanks Enfield Council. Stupid people think am docile to pay and damage items I wanted to keep me warm, hardly used it and damaged with nails.

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