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Ms's complaint against Enfield Council

Ms Gee


Career Returner Programme - don't bother!!

Complaint against Enfield Council

I am a social worker who was seeking to return to practice and I applied for the above programme. I had worked in children's teams all my working life and my application was clear about that. I could not believe that HR sent me to be interviewed for an adult team. I was baffled when the written test was based on an old person. The main interview was a shamble as the panel kept asking me questions that were strange to me. They might as well be speaking Greek to me. I know that skills can sometimes be transfarrable but for HR to send a childrens' social worker to be interviewed for an adult job is ignorance of the highest order. The panel did not even have my application form which was strange also. They just wasted my time. Anyway, it was a narrow escape. Can you imagaine working for an organisation with a HR depatment that is so incompetent? Be warned!!

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