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Carole's complaint against Enfield Council

Carole Robinson


I have paid my council tax for Financial year 2016/17. Yesterday a new letter asking me to pay £706.

Complaint against Enfield Council

for the past 3 years I have been paying council tax with one reference number. Suddenly the reference number has changed without informing me. I suddenly began getting threatening letters stating that I am in arrears, Summons dropped in my door threatening me to pay all outstanding council tax (council tax tippled) immediately. I contacted the council two weeks ago, but today I received a new council tax bill demanding immediate. payment of £706.17. January 2017 is the tenth month, the final month for payment on council tax for 2016. I recorded delivery on two occasions my bank details as proof but it is of no avail. The clerk i spoke to tole me he was going to check my payment as if the payments were late he was going to increase my council tax. i pity him.

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