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K's complaint against Infinity TV Box



Do NOT buy!! Box stopped working & Poor Customer service

Complaint against Infinity TV Box

Do NOT buy the InvinityTV. . I bought one at the CNE 300$ CDN and it stopped working after 2 Weeks. The customer service is ridiculous and they make you feel like you're an idiot!! I worked in retail (technology) retail for 7 years and the way an item exchange occurs is that you gat a new box, take out the new product and put the defective unit back in the back to return to manufacture. The receptionist went to a back room, came out with "new" unit that had smudges on it. I told her it looks used so she calls up the guy I was speaking with on the phone (meat be a sales rep) who then gives me his "word" that the new product was tested buy him personally and works Great (says it must be something on my end such as a power fluctuation)... NOT!! Toronto has had no T storms or hurricanes and all the lights and appliances work absolutely fine in my place. The "new" product while working in the reception area turns on, upon arrival at home is once again a Dead Unit. I tried a different adapter and still NO POWER! Here's the email response I get "We gave a you a working device. It was tested by us and also confirmed to be working with you and our receptionist today. Something is happening via the power outlet you are using. We replaced the first one as a courtesy to you free of charge, even though it is not covered with our warranty. It would make no sense given you a third unit to have the samething happen once. Please call us tomorrow and we will try to figure out a solution with you" The test involved her plugging it into a wall that's it. Anyway don't buy one and stay clear of Infinity TV

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Doug Jones | | VERIFIED

Your are very Mistaken. This is not the same company at all! Look at the box above it's square and Infinity TV BOX is a UK company, not Canadian Also sounds like you plugged in a higher volt adapter and zapped it. Get your facts straight.


Haha way to respond after two years .. i know 5 other people who have purchased this AGAIN in the GTA and have had the EXACT same issues and they are home owners. Thanks for your input!

Doug Jones | | VERIFIED

Your an idiot. Its obvious

Doug Jones | | VERIFIED

Tottally Different companies
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