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Alice's complaint against Virgin Media

Alice Jackson


The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing !

Complaint against Virgin Media

i phoned Virgin media today and yesterday . I was initially offered a deal for broadband alone at £30.25 per month . I then told the rep of a brochure i had seen offering broadband to students from £6.50 per month . The rep told me to go and find the brochure, photograph it and email it to him where he would "match the offer" . In the meantime the rep said he would lower the price to £27.73. I duly drove miles to my local currys and emailed a photo to the rep - who didn't reply . I then phoned the number he gave me (0161 283 5501) was now unobtainable . I thus decided to phone the main customer services and found myself talking with Asia who accused me of lying . The manager there said there was no rep of the name I mentioned , no mention anywhere of the deal I had been offered and that I should wait for the rep to contact me . I am appalled at the treatment I have received . I intend to take this to and watchdog

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