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Darren's complaint against I-Model management

Darren hackett


[RESPONDED] False hope and overcharging

Complaint against I-Model management

My son applied to be a model with I-model management We were contacted very quickly and was told that he had the look they were looking for Obviously he was very excited and was booked to the regency studios for his photoshoot After having his photoshoot we had a meeting with a lady at the studios who made us feel like we had the next supermodel on our hands After hearing all the spill how he would easily get 6/800 pounds for fashion shots with the likes of jd sports/next and Debenhams we were told that we would be better off going for the best package available as this would give my son more coverage After parting with over £2300 we were give a disc of photos and told to email them to nextstep at I-model management After sending about 12 e-mails as picture files were to big all we had was an e-mail back with about 10 website addresses to contact to register with I think I-model and regency studios who obviously work together are offering false hope and overcharging people for a service which they don't supply I may not get my money back but I hope I can bring people's attention to what I think is a ripoff

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Have put a post on my Modelling Information Service page on Facebook with regard I-Model Management and the law on employment (model) agencies, and how to get your money back.

Lola Jennings | | VERIFIED

Dear Darren, My name is Lola J and I hope I can be of help at this moment. As well as the tailored agency list, your son should have also received an eBook and emails with educational resources (free). If he has not received this, please do get in touch with our reps as soon as possible!

Lola Jennings | | VERIFIED

The portfolio you have purchased was from an independent studio, but we can of course, provide more information and support in regards to using it for open days/casting calls. We do not make any commission from these portfolios. If your son has already applied to these agencies and would like to take more steps to further his career, please have him get in touch with us asap! Thank you! -Lola
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