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Rumbidzai's complaint against I-Model management



[RESPONDED] Model scam 29 Nov 2016

Complaint against I-Model management

I model contacted me saying I had the model look they were looking for since I had applied for it. They booked me to be photographed by regency studios and I just came back from the shoots today. I got scammed. The deposit I had paid of 55 pounds I did not get it back. In fact I paid 250 more for a portfolio which they said would be 1938 pounds and that I should pay in instalments. Honestly I had signed their forms so they still expect me to pay. I got a portfolio only that it had no fotos in it. I tried calling I model and regency but both are not answering the calls are going to voice mail. Seriously guys do research before you get your bank details out in future I have learnt the hard way.

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Have put a post on my Modelling Information Service page on Facebook with regard I-Model Management and the law on employment (model) agencies, and how to get your money back.

Anna Annita | | VERIFIED

So how we do get back our money?I already sign it up,but after all I reader it around there are only negatives so I want stop paying and get my money back!do the police can make something about it and where is when the reports are since 2011 I have reded

Anna Annita | | VERIFIED

Do they can do something with the papers we sign up if we stopped paying?pls info... I also want my money...


How you get your money back depends on how you paid - whether this was by credit card, debit card or cash. You can e-mail me from my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Modelling-Information-Service-1003208516453095/), where there is also a post about how to get your money back.

Lola Jennings | | VERIFIED

Hello, My name is Lola J and I'm so sorry that you experienced this stressful situation! I understand that you purchased an optional portfolio from the studio we sent you to for assessment - unfortunately, their policies and contracts are outside of our control as we only hired them and you purchased the product with them.

Lola Jennings | | VERIFIED

I have gotten in touch with the studio and they have advised me that you put your refundable deposit down as part of the payment for the portfolio purchase, which is why this has not been refunded. Furthermore, I have been advised that you will only receive the images once you have finished your payment plan as they do not release unpaid images.

Lola Jennings | | VERIFIED

If you would like me to get in touch with the studio on your behalf, or if you would like to discuss this further, please do let me know and I will help you as much as I can! You can reach me via [email protected]
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