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Mandy's complaint against Go Assist

Mandy Hetherton


Appalling service

Complaint against Go Assist

Go Assist come up top of Google searches for white goods repairs - but be warned, their sales pitch is far better than the actual service. The engineer they sent to repair our oven was flakey in the extreme, taking weeks to make appointments, cancelling them, then misdiagnosing the problem. Months on and our cooker still wasn't working properly so we bit the bullet and got someone else to repair it. He quickly diagnosed the fault, which was very obvious when he showed us the broken part, and did a full repair. The oven is now working fine. It took hours of wasted time to try to wring any kind of service from this company and we have just given up. It took 2 months for them to even reply to my official complaint and when they did, it was a brush-off. Dreadful outfit. Avoid like the plague.

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