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Rosemary 's complaint against Go Assist

Rosemary Carrano


Appalling service with Go Assist

Complaint against Go Assist

My first call was made to Go Assist early in January, possibly the 8th where repairs we arranged for both my washer/dryer and dishwasher. Payment of £279.94 was taken then and I also set up kitchen cover at approximately £29 per month. The engineer made contact with me and came the next day to carry out both repairs. It wasn’t until the next day when using the dryer I found it still not to be working. I called him and he arranged to return in the 17th. On this day he said he’d do the same thing as last time, which was to press the reset button and I said that hadn’t worked last time why would it now. He explained he was at a loss to understand why the appliance wasn’t working but to give it a try and if unsuccessful he’d order parts he thought would work. The dryer worked once but not on the second attempt. I phoned him and he said he’d order parts and let me know later that day. I heard nothing so text him on the 19th and he replied parts ordered eta 3/4 days. I heard nothing and text him on the 26th he replied 1st feb parts in and we spoke on the phone an appointment was made for 7th feb. He didn’t show, I text him and he didn’t reply. I phoned Go Assist on the 8th and was told I’d hear back. The engineer phoned apologising saying he’d forgotten and that I could have an appointment whenever I wanted, I asked for Friday 9th and he said he couldn’t make it! It was arranged for the Saturday he text saying he was running late due to workload but would be with me this weekend, I asked if he meant today as I was going out at 3, he never replied. I phoned Go Assist on the 12th at 9am and spoke to a lady who assured me she understood my frustration and would call me back. I explained I didn’t want another appointment made with The sane engineer as he was so unreliable and she said she’d arranged for another engineer who’d have to reassess the repair but there possibly would be a way round that. I heard nothing so I called back 6 1/2 hours later and was transferred to a manager who could offer me nothing other than an appointment with the original engineer. I said I found the whole situation totally unacceptable and unprofessional and did not want to make another appointments with an engineer who had let me down 3 time’s. I requested my money back so I could go elsewhere and was told no. I raised a complaint on the 12th February and received a confirmation email on that day and have hah no reply. In Go Assist’s terms and conditions it give detail of how to escalate a complete further, neither phone number or email address to do this exist. Sorry for the long email but I’m at my wits end as I’m still without a working dryer after 2 months. I also have another payment of £29 being taken from my credit card on the 8th but am not sure if I can/should cancel it. I’m hoping you can help me in some way. Regards Rosemary Carrano Sent from my iPhone

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