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Roderick's complaint against Go Assist

Roderick Peel


Boiler Repairs - No Repair - No Fee - No chance of refund

Complaint against Go Assist

I contacted Go Assist to get my central heating boiler repaired / restarted at the end of April 2019. I was told that there would be a fixed price of £129.57 which would be refunded if the boiler could not be repaired. The terms and conditions were not sent to me directly but as a hyperlink in an email. The boiler engineer turned up on the due date close to the time that was agreed and proceeded to look at my wall mounted boiler. He took the front cover off and removed the boiler face plate. He then said he thought the trouble was the air switch and he could not get to it without removing the boiler completely. He therefore said that the boiler could not be repaired. When I asked Go Assist for a refund they refused saying that the engineer could not get access to the boiler (how did he manage to take the boiler cover off then?). I wrote to their complaonts department (also a part of Go Assist . Whose side do you think they were on? The short story is that the terms and conditions are written so carefully that you stand little or no chance of getting a refund and with the questionable competence of the boiler engineer there is an equally small chance that your boiler will be successfully repaired. DO NOT USE GO ASSIST - you will loose money or get an extremely poor service.

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