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Frank's complaint against Go Assist

Frank Rush


Repair not done even though payment taken

Complaint against Go Assist

Go assist charged me £189 as a one off payment for a fridge repair. Saying it would be fixed in 2 to 3 working days. They sent out an engineer who stated it was the freezer even though the worksheet stated freezer ok top half of fridge is warm. We told the engineer it was a twin cooler. He ordered one fan for the freezer. A week later a second engineer arrived, fitted the freezer fan and broke the casing unit. He said job done call me if any problems. So 2 hours later we called him saying the fridge was still warm. He said it wasn't the freezer then. We said we've been saying that all along and the worksheet states that too. He then orders the correct part but go assist won't fit it until we pay £65 more for the correct part. But go assist email state that no work would commence until we were quoted the total cost. The only quote given and payment taken was £189. It's been a month now and they still have not fixed my fridge. All they do is send emails saying waiting to hear from the engineer's. When go assist asked the engineer's the first time 2 weeks later he said 2 fans were required. My response was well if that's so why did he only order one, and why was the second order placed by the second engineer because even he thought the job was completed after fitting only one fan in the freezer which incident was not faulty. My electrician tested it and said it was working ok.

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