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Rubbish service

Complaint against Go Assist

Please do yourselves a favour and do not use this company. There customer service is a joke! I’ve been trying to get my cooker repaired for a month. I’ve paid £217 upfront for a repair and I’m still waiting for the repair a month later! I’ve rang and emailed there customer service about 6 times and not once have they returned a phone call or email. After waiting on the phone in queues for about 15 minutes each time when you finally get through they promise you the world but deliver nothing. It’s taken over 2 weeks for them to get the bits, even though I sent them an email showing them they can get them next day. Finally after chasing them again and demanding to talk to a manager, a manager rings me back a day later to say they will get the engineer out ASAP. To my surprise an engineer rings me back later that day to ask if he can come around as he now has the parts, I think great at last it’s only taken a month but at last the end in site, only to find out they have ordered the wrong bits!!! Even though they had all the make, model number and all the details they needed they still made a mess of that aswell. The engineer said sorry but back to square 1 and we’ll start again but unfortunately has no idea when they can get the parts. So here we are a month later still no repaired cooker, still no bits or date of the repair and still £217 worse off..

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