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Rebecca's complaint against Go Assist

Rebecca Ann


Unethical and appalling service - NO ASSIST more like!!!!

Complaint against Go Assist

Do not touch this company with a barge pole, should be minus stars not 1! My elderly parents signed up to a washing machine repair, the problem was diagnosed over the phone and they made numerous promises to turn up but failed too each time. My parents had to wait in for weeks but they did not turn up. In desperation, my mother phoned up and said they had no clean clothes left and would just buy a new machine! She was then told that she would not get a refund as the part had been ordered. I complained 3 weeks ago but it seems like the complaints is as protracted as the repair that failed to deliver. I gave this company a chance to just refund and we would walk away and no scathing review but their actions are now indefenceable. I tried to put this review on their website where they have cleverly put 5 star reviews but it did not allow me to post. Go Assist - more like No Assist!

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