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Coleen's complaint against Rothmans Cigarettes

Coleen Mccrudden


Cigarettes keep burning me

Complaint against Rothmans Cigarettes

In a 4 month period I have been personally burnt 11 times, I have burnt 4 satin throws and I have burnt my cat twice.......the reason is the same - the 'cherry' falls off at the end of my cigarette, to be precise. In lament terms, I get to the end of my cigarette and the lite end just FALLS OFF!! In the 32 unfortunate years of smoking I have never experienced this. I now have 4 items of bedding that require a replacement, which I am fuming about. I am now attending to a burn on my thigh due to this (unavoidable) experience and I would like a response to this issue immediately before I take it to my local member of parliament, who will, in turn, take legal action I wait ur reply Regards, a burnt customer

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