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Review of Rothmans Cigarettes

I really am Upset and i think it is only write i contacted you And let you know that since the ciggertes was all changed to 2o packs only and all packaged in the black packets .Thay didn't the same tast ,,And they burn down quicker or a lot of the time thay keep going out. And I have only just lite them. But the reason I'm contacting you is to make you aware of the damage that they have done in my house. I have Burn Hole's in my clothes were i am smoking a ciggerte and unknown to me the tip of the ciggerte has dropped out on my clothes and only when I feel it burning throu my clothes on to my skin it is to late because the damage is done. But I'm fuming worst of all about my clothes and getting burnt is not what you expect to happen. But its not just my clothes and my body that is got burns in. My carpet has been burnt in a few places it is not what i except to happen nerlly every time i light a ciggerte.i would like to speak to someone about it. I would appreciate it if you can arrange for a phone call to disscuse this matter with you soon as possible. Thank you. EILEEN

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Heather Beddoe | | VERIFIED

I have smoked rothman super king blue for quite sometime,but I am thinking about changing brands now. Nowadays they burn very unevenly,and rather more quickly than they once did.
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