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nik's complaint against Fridgemaster

nik ashworth


Fridgemaster outdoors fridge

Complaint against Fridgemaster

almost 3 years to the day we purchased a brand new fridgemaster 300l MTL55300 for approx £249 del. A few weeks ago we noticed the temp was rising so we adjusted the thermostat and left it. A few days later it had risen to 15 deg inside the fridge and had spoiled some meat. I have had the fridge off and done all that is supposed to be done (clean the coils, check the evap hole is clear, check the back for debris or leaks, make sure its level etc...) it still does not work and i am now being told i have to pay in excess of £120-150 for a repair, on a product that gets little use (mostly holds 6 wine and 10-12 beer cans) and is in exactly the same position our last beko fridge stood for almost 12 years without fault! in this day and age for a product to fail within 3 years is hopeless, poor build quality or products?

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