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Suzanne's complaint against Ash Waste Services

Suzanne Bradshaw


Can't cancel the contract - been conned into 6 years with them!

Complaint against Ash Waste Services

When we signed up with them we were told we could cancel or change our contract at any time. 6 months later we handed our notice in to be told we couldn't, we were tied in for 3 years! So we were completely lied to. Fast forward 3 + years and we send our notice again to the company. I receive a phone call to tell me yet again I can't cancel because there is only a period of 2 months when you can cancel. A maximum of 5 months before the 3 years is up and a minimum of 3 months before the 3 years is up. And guess what.........If you don't cancel you are tied in for a further 3 years!! What an absolute joke! So we have been conned into 6 years with this awful company and within those 6 years there is only a 2 month window where we could have cancelled our contract. We are speaking to our solicitor because I do not believe this is legal. On a seperate issue their prices increase massively every year.

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nathalie wilkes | | VERIFIED

Hi Suzanne, we have also had the same issues and more. Have you gotten any further with this?
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