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Lj.'s complaint against Colour London

Lj. Evans


Atrocious customer service in a souvenir shop

Complaint against Colour London

A guest of mine wanted to purchase a T-shirt with Mr.Bean on it, but there was no price on the item. We asked how much was it, and we were told £14. We asked if we can get it at slightly reduced price, as we hoped to get more items. We were told it's already on sale, as this costs £20 in shops. We asked in which shops does it cost £20 and why doesn't this shop clearly mark 'the sale is on' or which items are on sale as it would help shoppers decide what to get. Instead of an answer, we were told 'You don't have to buy it' and that 'the door is wide open - go!' We were appalled by the response and I commented that we will leave, which was followed by further 'Just go!!' We managed to get from the street sellers on the other side of Oxford St.,similar items that would cost us £24 in Colour London shop for £13. I believe that this shop produces prices on the fly, as many items are not labelled and as for the service, probably the worst I ever seen; For the first time visitors, which was the case with my guest, it doesn't give great picture of London at all.

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