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Dipesh's complaint against Triton Showers

Dipesh Sanghvi


Triton new shower faulty and missing parts

Complaint against Triton Showers

I would like the start with the service I have received from Triton have been terrible and stressful. I have always been using Triton shower and when my previous Triton shower stopped working I got a brand new one just three weeks ago on 20th November 2016. We then got a private plumber to fit it and then after him fitting it, the shower it did not work. He spent hours figuring out why it was not working and making sure he fitted it correctly but the shower itself was FAULTY. My plumber also called your technicians and asked about blanking plugs stating on the manual but not coming in the package. Your technician said not to worry about that as your pipes are down you don’t need blanking plugs. He charged us extra money as he spent extra time figuring out the problem and he confirmed shower is faulty. I then called Triton customer service as explained the problem and they told me you have to wait two weeks before the engineer comes to see the problem. I paid for a brand new shower despite I had to wait for two weeks. Finally the engineer came on 6th December and initially he said there is no water pressure because of blanking plugs. I said this cannot be the case as previous Triton shower was working perfectly without the plugs and your own technician said blanking plugs would not cause the issue. He then checked further and found one of the part was actually faulty in the shower itself so he fixed it. Despite fixing the part, the shower is making so much noise and water pressure is much lower than what we had on our previous Triton shower. So he said this is because of blanking plugs. Once you put the plugs it will not make noise and pressure will be better. I showed him all the stuff that came with the shower and told him they have forgot to include the blanking plugs so please do the needful. He said he would charge me 50 quid for installation and he does not have any spare so he will have come in January to do this. What kind of service is this, despite knowing the shower is faulty and blanking plugs did not come in the box no effort was made to get the blanking plugs and fix the shower properly. I then rang Triton customer service straight away and they said sorry for missing the plugs and they will send one for next day. I said that’s fine but I now have to pay my plumber another £60 call out charge to fix this blanking plugs because your engineer didn’t fix them. I know it’s not your engineer job to do this but in this instance due to your shower being faulty and not providing us blanking plugs in the first place that’s the least the engineer could have done. If he didn’t have spare he could have taken authorization from his supervisor, gone to the shop bought the parts and fixed them because it was your fault instead he said wait till January and we will come back and charge me £50. What a joke. Is this how you treat your customers? I will now have to call the private plumber again who will charge me £60 call out charge, wait for him to turn up for putting blanking plugs (hopefully it will be before January) as you did not supply us with them initially and your engineer could have easily done something to get this problem sorted. Meanwhile I will monitor the shower after the plumber has put blanking plugs and if it still makes loud noises and water pressure is low, I will want a brand new shower with your technician fitting it. I will require some kind of compensation because the shower being faulty and parts missing and due to this I have to call plumber again and costing me extra £60 due to your fault not taking into account the extra charges he took initially for spending extra hours to get a faulty shower working. I will take this matter further if I do not get satisfactory response within 7 days as I cannot believe I would get such a service from Triton and will not tolerate this. I am currently out of shower at the moment despite paying so much. I look forward hearing from you as to why we received such a terrible service, despite your shower was faulty no attempt was made to get it fully working and how you will compensate me.

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